COBA Builders' Breakfast

Wondering about the current outlook for builders in the region? What obstacles and opportunities lie ahead for the construction industry? The Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA) is excited to present its third annual Builders’ Perspective Breakfast on March 11, featuring a panel of prominent builders and industry experts who will discuss local trends, challenges, and the outlook for the coming year.

COBA instituted this important event in 2018 to educate its members and the community about what is happening in the building industry through the actual builders and experts. Given our current construction climate, attendees will find the conversation extremely relevant, touching on the many boundary land issues that impact our market, as well as SDCs (system development charges) and permit fees that builders must pay even before beginning construction. Other major challenges area builders face include labor shortages in the trades, increasing costs in all areas, lack of infrastructure, and scarce land inventory, among the many factors they are up against.

Tim Knopp, executive vice president of COBA, said, “This event was created to present an accurate description of the outlook of our industry and to provide the opportunity for the audience to engage with these top builders and industry experts.”

Builders on the elite speakers’ panel were handpicked for their knowledge in their specific area and experience in the industry. They will bring different perspectives and answer questions on the topics at the forefront of the construction trade in Central Oregon.

Knopp added, “We are anticipating a great conversation that will cover some very important topics the industry is facing as well as some great opportunities.”

There will also be a guest speaker, Wes Price, CPA, who will address how the corporate activity tax will affect the industry. The event will be moderated by Dan Pahlisch, president of Pahlisch Homes, who will discuss local housing trends and provide insight into where the industry is heading as we move into a new decade.

“This event is a great opportunity to hear from multiple building professionals with unique points of view about where our industry is now, where it is headed, and how we can all get more involved,” said Pahlisch. “I am excited to be a part of the conversation and looking forward to connecting with more people in our industry.”

The COBA Builders’ Perspective Breakfast will be held at the Riverhouse Convention Center on Wednesday, March 11, from 8–10 am. Tickets are $39 for COBA members and $49 for nonmembers. Visit for more information.

Speakers’ Panel

Chris Kincaid, Director of Sales & Marketing, Pahlisch Homes

Gary North, Vice President, Central Oregon, R&H Construction

Mike Arnett, President, Lifestyle Homes

Special Guest: Wesley Price, CPA, Partner, Price Fronk & Co.

Moderator: Dan Pahlisch, President, Pahlisch Homes

Presented by: Miller Lumber

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