Retail, apartments slated for Bend’s Galveston Ave.

A developer planning new construction on the south side of NW Galveston Avenue said she prefers a “quiet use” over another restaurant or pub at the site.

Pat Huber, manager of SP Canyon LLC, the holding company that owns the recently cleared lot at NW Galveston and NW Federal Street, said she believes that something that complements the existing business mix will prove a better investment. The site is just east of the 10 Barrel Brewing pub. Huber said she understood that residents living behind the commercial face of Galveston Avenue would prefer something other than a business that drew more traffic to the area.

“There’s already a lot of food service on the block, various eateries and 10 Barrel,” she said Tuesday. “I thought it would be nice to have a something complementary to that. There’s other shopping there, a baby and kids clothing store, a shoe store,” for example.

Plans call for a two-story building of 4,800 square feet with one or two retail businesses on the first floor and two, two-bedroom apartments on the second. The architect and builder, David Waldron, of Bend, said he expects the apartments will rent at market rates. He described them as medium-to-high-quality units. He said prospective tenants have expressed interest in the retail space, but no one has leased space thus far.

“We’re expecting it to be high-end retail,” he said Tuesday, “maybe a nice clothing store or something like that.”

SP Canyon LLC purchased the property, originally two lots on NW Federal Street with two one-story homes built in the 1920s, for $128,000, according to Deschutes County property records. Demolition crews over the summer took down the two homes.

As part of the Galveston Corridor Project, a city of Bend project to improve drainage and create bike lanes, on-street parking and other improvements, SP Canyon benefited from a reduced parking requirement.

By installing curbs along its Galveston frontage, doubling the required number of bike racks and installing showers to encourage the retail employees to commute by bike, the city allowed SP Canyon to reduce the parking requirement, according to a May decision by the Bend Community Development Department. The plan calls for five on-site parking spaces and a 50-foot-long parking bay on Galveston Avenue, similar to one built nearby at Sunriver Brewing Co., along with parking on Federal Street.

The city required Waldron to reduce by 2 feet 10 inches the height of a clock tower in the building plans to remain within the maximum allowed height of 35 feet. Waldron said he expected to obtain a building permit for the project this week.

SP Canyon is not the sole builder on NW Galveston Avenue. Dakine Grindz LLC has erected a 750-square-foot cafe at 1140 NW Galveston, on the street’s north side and not far from the SP Canyon property. The cafe is nearing completion.

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