What Neighborhood?

Personal taste and choice will play a big part in what you expect from a neighborhood, but there will be other factors to consider.

If you have children or plan to have them, find out about the quality of the schools and their proximity.

You also will want to research property values, traffic patterns, the crime rate and what types of future construction (if any) might be planned. In addition to school proximity, find out how close other necessities such as employment, hospitals, shopping malls, public transportation, airports, parks and cultural activities such as museums, concert halls and theaters are.

Also look for what might become a “hot neighborhood” in the near future. They often are near the most continuously desirable areas of a community. Another way to find an appealing neighborhood is to ask a real estate agent where multiple offers are being made, whether the gap between list price and sale price is decreasing and whether there is active community involvement.

You can also drive around a neighborhood and see how many “Sale Pending” and “Sold” signs are in a certain area, an indication of how “hot” the neighborhood is.

Important points:

  • Consider things such as quality of schools, property values, traffic, crime rate and future construction.
  • Look for areas that might become “hot communities” in the near future.
  • First-time buyers need to remember to buy a home that meets primary needs in the best neighborhood that fits their price range.
  • Consult a real estate agent for help in targeting desirable neighborhoods.

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